Our Team – Dr. Thomas D’Agostino

Dr. Thomas D’Agostino


I started my career in science at the University of Turin, where I obtained a three-year Bachelor’s degree in materials science and a Master’s degree in clinical, forensic and sports chemistry.

The logical and scientific foundations obtained through my studies were a fundamental starting point for what would later be my future: working in science and technology in highly cutting-edge fields.

In 2017, together with Dario Pescatore, I set up a Californian LLC focused purely on data science and artificial intelligence.

Both the entrepreneurial and scientific approach gave me a new impetus and opened up new horizons, allowing me to interface with realities that were hitherto unknown to me. From the very concept of community, freedom of speech and human progress came my love for decentralization and, consequently for Blockchain.

My primary focus has turned, along with artificial intelligence, towards the on-chain world and the development of tailor-made smart contracts.

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Blockchain, besides being the areas on which I am closely focused thanks to the company, are also the powerful drive to always look for that extra something: there is no innovation without motivation.