Departments – Corporate

The Corporate Department of Aiternalex is the creative answer to the day-to-day problems of companies and aims to provide precise and quick answers to the entrepreneur or management team.

The skills of Aiternalex’s resources cover all strategic areas of corporate governance, from structuring incorporation transactions to financing and the preparation of all contracts necessary for the ordinary and extraordinary operations of a company.

The Corporate department also follows the interdisciplinary approach of Aiternalex, so each client can benefit from a multidisciplinary and international advisory board that is always at their disposal, with all the necessary professionalism not only to cover their needs but also to facilitate their understanding. This also guarantees that Clients who use the Corporate department of Aiternalex will always see their needs met as well as being able to benefit from creative solutions that can attain their objectives through innovative ways.

Corporate Services

The Services of Aiternalex’s Corporate Department are the set of all essential services that enable a company to be established and cyclically fulfil all the obligations required by each relative national regulation.

Our integrated offering covers both day-to-day issues and sensitive, unforeseen, event-driven challenges. We integrate current best practices with practical, interdisciplinary analysis, drawing on our shared expertise and experience to help our clients resolve a wide range of, cases, from routine governance matters to the most sensitive situations that can pose regulatory issues and reputational and liability risks (both for the entire companies and for relative executives and others in their personal capacity).

Aiternalex advises both on the incorporation of companies or groups of companies in different countries, and on which necessarily involves all types of companies worldwide.

In addition, Aiternalex provides practical advice on corporate governance, compliance and disclosure in strategic and sensitive situations to in-house legal teams, senior management and boards of directors.

Finally, Aiternalex provides review and advice on periodic reports, filings, regulatory announcements and documentation for general meetings, press releases and other types of communications, including advice on enforcement and litigation risks.

Merger and acquisition transactions are highly strategic and often radically innovative for a company and require a lot of experience and efficiency to maximise the value of the transaction.

Aiternalex is experienced in conducting complex cross-border transactions, our experienced mergers and acquisitions professionals provide seamless advice through the constant involvement of competent local professionals, in-depth industry knowledge, business techniques and transactional expertise to maximise transaction certainty and the value and synergies created by our clients’ transactions.

Aiternalex guides its clients through all stages of their transactions, from deal definition, negotiation, closing, restructuring and post-transaction integration.

Aiternalex is at the forefront in the development of innovative structures to simplify the complexities inherent in corporate transactions, both in established and emerging markets, not only with regard to mergers and acquisitions but also in extraordinary transactions of

  • scissioni;
  • joint venture;
  • modalità alternative di finanziamento;
  • private equity;
  • raccolta di capitali in mercati regolamentati;
  • OTC deal.



Aiternalex is an expert in commercial and regulatory law, advising companies in the preparation of all their contracts, both in relation to ordinary dealings and for individual commercial contracts, on product labelling requirements, product liability and recalls, and on sales promotion and marketing rules in different countries.

Although the global market has become increasingly open for business, disparities in local laws and different business and cultural practices can make the creation, distribution and sale of goods and services very complex. Aiternalex helps its clients overcome these challenges and compete successfully in the world’s developed and emerging markets.

The objective of Aiternalex is to take full responsibility for the simplification of the complex commercial requirements in each contract so that its customers can concentrate on growing their business.