About us


In order to understand the vision of the Aiterna group, it is necessary to first understand the premise that has guided the founding members from the beginning.

The Aiterna group was founded with the intention of contributing on to the ethical and indispensable scientific and technological progress of human society, in order that the results of this progress manifest themselves in a solid and concrete improvement in the quality of human life itself.

For the founders, this premise is the natural consequence of a profound awareness: the word innovation must sum up values that support a civilization that intends to express its potential to the full.

In creating a team capable of conceiving and pursuing these  goals, it was vital from the outset to proceed through a multidisciplinary approach in terms of structure and working method.

Although the core of the group is closely linked to technological fields, there is a framework that can generate, for each activity performed, a specific synergy with other branches of human knowledge through the evaluation of complementary ethical, sociological, psychological, and legal perspectives, always respecting the intrinsic innovative nature of the group.

We strongly believe that a multi-disciplinary approach, such as described above, allows the group to reach quality standards that would not be possible in realities oriented only towards the evaluation of technical/technological aspects.

The vision and values of the Aiterna group are hence contained   in the interpretation of the meaning attached to the word: Progress [Prōgrĕdĭor].

“Development towards higher and more complex forms of life, pursued through the advancement of culture, scientific and technological knowledge, social organisation, the attainment of political freedoms and economic well-being, in order to attain both a general improvement in the standard of living, and liberation from hardship”.



Aiternalex is the Aiterna Group’s legal response to the frenetic acceleration that characterizes the process of technological and social innovation in the contemporary world. By virtue of the exponential acceleration and the enormous innovative scope of the results produced by Research and Development, the legal world is called upon to confront new patterns that generate new needs that inevitably require a response.

In order to succeed in this objective, an inquisitive, broad and multidisciplinary approach is certainly required, one that succeeds in combining law with the essential concepts of each sector one is attempting to innovate.

Aiternalex was born from this need and this type of approach is an integral part of the ‘Aiternalex method‘.

The Aiternalex method characterizes all departments and all phases of Aiternalex’s consultancy from the client’s onboarding where, as early as the discovery phase and in the ensuing deep dives on specific topics, all the professionalism, both tech and legal, necessary to comprehensively understand the potential client’s needs and the context within which they are generated, are involved.

Working mainly in the field of new technologies, the real added value of the ‘Aiternalex method’ is the co-participation of developers and technicians who, in addition to participating in the legal engineering process that mainly characterizes the innovative Law department, constantly acting as a cultural hinge between other Aiternalex professionals and our clients.

How we work

Despite the fact that the group operates in diverse production sectors, each activity follows its own internal methodology aimed at satisfying specific needs presented by the customer or displayed by the analysis of a particular market.

We further believe that a group shaped according to the general guidelines described above, presents favorable conditions for it to be able to succeed in the global scene also in the role of the accelerating partner and promoter of activities with a high social impact, becoming a reference point for entities interested in obtaining the support and collaboration indispensable to develop projects with common objectives.

Our strategic mission is hence to develop and ensure the tools necessary to achieve the group’s vision. To work on a daily basis to devise innovative solutions that contribute to the advancement of civilisation, giving it the opportunity to express its full potential and manifest a concrete improvement in the quality of life for everyone.

The Aiterna Group method includes the following five potential steps:

  • Identification of Needs, info-gathering and relative analysis

  • Fundamental research into theoretical models of solutions

  • Experimental development of technology demonstrators

  • Prototyping of primary solutions

  • Integration of validated solutions