Legal engineering



Aiternalex is Aiterna Group’s legal response to the frenetic acceleration characterizing the current technological and social innovation.

Aiterna Group is an international company founded with the aim of contributing to the scientific-technological advancement of human society by operating mainly in three areas: data science, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

We start with discovery and explore together with the customer, step by step, the path to take.

The legal world is challenged with new paradigms and new demands that need answers.

Multi-disciplinarity to comprehensively understand the customer’s needs and the context within which they are generated.

Legal Engineering in support of innovation

Sectors such as blockchain ,(i.e. cryptocurrency financial service) big data, artificial intelligence, are just some of the examples that require, investigative, broad and multidisciplinary approach that combines law with the essential concepts of each innovation sector.
Aiternalex was born precisely from this need.

Areas of skill

The interdisciplinary approach of professionalism, close cooperation with selected technology partners and a constant focus on new opportunities in the international scenario, enable the firm to guarantee comprehensive legal services with particular emphasis in the following areas:


A pillar of the Aiternalex method is Legal Engineering, a concept that combining legal design, data science, relevant legal expertise and technology.


The Corporate Department of Aiternalex is the creative answer to everyday problems of most companies.


Ensuring the smooth running of a business requires balancing the use of personal data and the protection of fundamental rights.

Intellectual Property

Industrial law and intellectual property have gained crucial importance in a world where innovation has become central.

Investment Analysis

Our approach to investment is an original method that derives from the application of Legal Engineering to Investment Analysis.

Public procurement

Through its multidisciplinary composition, the Aiternalex team is able to provide 360° assistance to support Public Administrations and Participated Companies.