Aiternalex sprung forth from the need to combine law with the essential concepts of each sector in which innovation is being attempted. Some areas within which Aiternalex operates, through its interdisciplinary method, are blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence.

The interdisciplinary approach of professionalism, close cooperation with selected technology partners and a constant focus on opportunities on the international scene enable the firm to guarantee a comprehensive legal assistance service with a particular focus on the following departments:


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A pillar of the Aiternalex method is Legal Engineering, a concept that combines legal design, data science, legal expertise and technology.

Legal engineering makes it possible to channel clients’ choices towards a stable present to enable them to build a better future.

The growing importance of artificial intelligence systems raises important legal and ethical concerns.

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The Corporate Department of Aiternalex is the creative answer to the everyday problems of companies.

It works, following the interdisciplinary Aiternalex method, in all strategic areas of corporate governance, from structuring incorporation transactions to financing and the preparation of all contracts necessary for the ordinary and extraordinary company.



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To ensure the smooth running of a business, it is necessary to balance the use of personal data and the protection of fundamental rights.

This is why since the GDPR came into force, the professionals at Aiternalex, have been committed to assisting their clients in the preparation of the technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure full compliance with the regulation.

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Industrial law and intellectual property have achieved crucial importance in a world where innovation has become central.

Aiternalex assists its clients in the development and exploitation of their intellectual creations throughout their entire life cycle: from genesis, acquisition, to the exploitation and protection of trademarks, patents, industrial models, artistic works, software, know-how and databases.

Intellectual Property

Investment Analysis

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Our team’s interdisciplinary expertise allows us to thoroughly analyze the regulations, science, design thinking, and technology of the company under consideration to perform a highly detailed and effective investment analysis.

Our approach to investment is an original and innovative method derived from the application of Legal Engineering to Investment Analysis.

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The Aiternalex team, through its multidisciplinary composition, is able to provide 360° assistance to support PAs and their investee companies in multiple aspects:

  • provide them with assistance in tenders they wish to promote;
  • provide assistance with national and European public funding;
  • provide assistance in the fulfilment of mandatory and non-mandatory obligations;
  • provide integrated support for the establishment and management of Participated Companies;
  • provide training for managers and staff working within public administrations.

Public Procurement