Our Team – Dr. Antonio Ferrara

Dr. Antonio Ferrara


After graduating in business administration with a thesis focusing on ‘the IASB audit process’, I further built up my education by continuing my studies in the subjects of corporate finance, international trade and production processes.

I later specialized in applying my acquired knowledge to the digital world related to e-commerce, retail market and marketing and communication strategies. 

My personal growth was also marked by a strong interest in innovation, which prompted me to privately study this subject and, from November 2021, to continue my studies with a specialized training in technology. Specifically, I began my path by studying processes related to the world of blockchain and then devote myself to the study of some programming languages.

These highly specialized skills have been instrumental in sustaining Aiterna Group’s advisory team from May 2022 in matters relating to the taxation in general and in particular taxation of individuals and companies, especially in relation to the innovative tax treatment of income generated by cryptocurrencies, NFTs and other assets linked to blockchain technology.