Our Team – Beatrice Puliti, Lawyer

Beatrice Puliti, Lawyer


I graduated from the University of Pisa at the Faculty of Law with a thesis in commercial law on the power of representation of directors in joint-stock companies.

From that moment on, I began practicing in the best law firms in the area, developing a broad expertise in civil and criminal law, but without ever losing sight of the areas of my greatest interest identified in commercial and corporate law. For this reason, in 2019 I decide to attend an Advanced Training Course at the Alma Laboris Business School of Rome as “Giurista d’Impresa” (Corporate Lawyer), thanks to which I further deepen my knowledge of corporate contracts with a focus on corporate, governance, business as well as on compliance and internal auditing. The final thesis is entitled “D. Lgs 231/01 e ODV. Costs and benefits for companies”.

As soon as the master’s degree was completed, I was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of a public in-house providing company, a position I still hold today, thanks to which I can apply what I have learnt and integrate private corporate and business knowledge with public knowledge. Familiarization with public contracts as well as with administrative law issues and an in-depth knowledge of the procurement code become indispensable characteristics.

In September 2022, I met Aiternalex law firm, which became the point of union of my skills by becoming its Senior Associate.