Our Team – Dario Pescatore

Dario Pescatore


I approached the world of programming as an autodidact at the age of 15, a know-how that allowed me to experience an immediate,  concrete ability for  the logical methodology, a  scientific approach and problem solving.

Enrolled at the University of Turin in the Faculty of Materials Science, I left my studies in my second year to start my entrepreneurial journey, becoming a co-founder of an Italian research and development company in 2009. I knew that my future would be linked to innovation in science and technology, but I also knew that in order to achieve my goals, I would have to set up my own business.

The experience, achievements and partnerships gained over the following years gave me the opportunity in 2012 to observe and contribute to the innovation of some emerging markets in Central America, facing first-hand work challenges with perspectives often substantially different from those assimilated in Europe.

In 2017, together with Dr Thomas D’Agostino, I set up a company in California in order to contribute to innovation in the fields of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

About a year later, I became a co-founder of an Italian business enterprise operating in the sector of the I.C.T.
In 2021, I first approached the role as a consultant for the innovation department of an international law firm and then in early 2022 became a tech partner at Aiternalex law firm.

The desire to contribute to innovation in science and technology continues to this day to be the core of all my work.